AI Chat

Pulling out censored information

VIDEO - I tried to extract censored information using this trick....

Revelation 13 - Donald Trump Version

Using AI to make an image of Donald Trump to speak and sound like him....

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VIDEO - How to bring an image to life


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Adrenochrome - What Bing AI Chat is not allowed to tell you....

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Bing advises against visiting certain websites


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Bing gives unsolicited biased opinions about COVID when I didn't ask for it....

Then it ended the conversation. Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto. Thank you very much, Mr. Robot. Do you know that old song? Watch the video and see how it seems prophetic for this very time.

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VIDEO - Building The Matrix - Bing AI Chat refuses to answer this question....

January 2024

People are being born into The Matrix. AI is instructed to present a certain view of what we consider reality.... There are responses Bing is not allowed to give. It will not answer certain topics freely. But they claim it's for "safety".

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AI generates code, sometimes very well and quickly....

Bing AI generated this webpage: Time, Alpha and Omega

All it required was my input, in the form of words. I was very impressed that the code was so quickly ready to upload and use. This demonstrates the power, not only of AI, but also of: words! Everything is created with words. God himself, who is greater than AI, created everything we see: all matter and light.... by speaking a word.